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José Andrés

Chef, Founder of the World Central Kitchen NGO

Jul 13th 1969, Mieres, Spain

Peace Prize 2020

In recognition of his humanitarian and development work through the programs that aim to facilitate affordable access to safe and clean kitchen solutions, both at home and in small businesses, seeking system changes that enable advance the clean kitchen sector as a whole.

His NGO “World Central Kitchen” uses the power of food to heal communities and strengthen economies in times of crisis, through a novel model of disaster response to help devastated communities recover and establish resilient food systems. Since its foundation, it has served more than 45 million fresh meals to people affected by natural disasters and other crises around the world in countries such as the Bahamas, Indonesia, Lebanon, Mozambique, Venezuela, the United States and more recently in Spain, due to the COVID-19 crisis.

It is also worth highlighting how he partners with small farmers, fishermen and small businesses to promote the development of sustainable food systems that encourage growth and the consumption of locally produced food. Through this work, his goal is not only to improve food security, but also to help communities build their food resilience to future disasters.

The award was presented in Barcelona.