Become a member of UNA-Spain

Become a member of our association and you will enjoy all these advantages:

  • You will periodically receive all the information about our courses, conferences and seminars, as well as all kind of activities especially focused on younger people.
  • You will be able to enjoy reduced fees on all of our activities.
  • You will triannually receive at home our magazine “Una Revista sobre el Mundo”.
  • You will receive our specialized reports on international geostrategy, and other eventual publications.
  • You will have access to our specialized archive over the United Nations in our headquarters.

Nevertheless, over all these advantages, becoming a member will let you actively participate, as a member of the organized civil society, in all kinds of activities focused on defending and promoting the principles of peace, justice, human rights, and solidarity among all peoples in the world, under the embrace of the United Nations.

Contact us and we will personally assist you.

And, if you prefer to, you just need to fill the following form:

The minimum fees are:
A. Students/unemployed people: 24€ per semester.
B. Others: 30€ per semester.
C. Other amounts: ______ €