We are a movement of peoples in favor of United Nations

Inspired by the words that open the Charter of the United Nations, “We the peoples…”, the World Federation of United Nations Associations, WFUNA, was created in 1946, a year after the founding of the UN.

Today, we have become a global network of hundreds of thousands of persons linked by the United Nations Associations in more than 100 UN Member States. Our network allows to connect people on global issues that affect everybody, from peace and human rights to the expansion of democracy, equitable development, and international justice.

WFUNA is an independent non-governmental organization with a Consultative Status (category 1) in the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and it has consultative or collaborative relations with many other organizations and UN agencies. The WFUNA mission is to inform, maintain and strengthen the global network of United Nations Associations to support the UN principles and programs and help shape their agenda.

The WFUNA objectives are:

  • Being a movement of peoples in favor of the United Nations.
  • Coordinating and deepening the activities of its members and promote the establishment of new United Nations Associations.
  • Cooperating, as far as possible, with other organizations whose objectives include the support of United Nations and its development.
  • Promoting tolerance, understanding, solidarity and cooperation among men, women and children throughout the world without distinction of race, sex, language, religion or political orientation.
  • Contributing to the elimination of obstacles to peace, working in favor of justice, security and disarmament, and promoting the development of peaceful coexistence and cooperation between nations.
  • Fighting for the recognition and respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms around the world as well as for the recognition of the responsibilities and tasks that these rights involve for individuals, groups and states.
  • Promoting economic development, social progress, and better living standards.
  • Promoting the research, information and education on the objectives of the Charter of the United Nations and the work of the UN system.

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