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7 - 10 April  2015 - 10th anniversary!


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Participation is open to university students or interested people AGED BETWEEN 18 AND 30 YEARS OLD

Please take a look at the C'MUN 2015 topic of debate at ISSUES & RESEARCH, and COUNTRIES & DELEGATIONS sections to select the country/ies you would like to simulate; then, fill the application form that you will find at the  HOW TO APPLY section. 

The registration fee for C'MUN 2015 is 110 EUROS (each delegate). Special discount for UNA-Spain members: 60 euros (each delegate). 

Dealine for application is MARCH 13th


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MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON. Meanwhile, you can also take a look at the previous edition: C'MUN 2014




7 - 10 April  2015 - 10th anniversary!

Enter here into the new C'MUN WEBSITE www.cmunbcn.org 


Participation is open to university students or interested people AGED BETWEEN 18 AND 30 YEARS OLD

You can join our simulation individually, in couples (2 delegates representing the same country in a commission) or in a delegation/group (representing a country in all the commissions where it is available, individually or in couples in each commission). Countries at the Security Council and the European Union Summit can be only represented individually.

You CANNOT represent your home country.





1) Click here to fill the C'MUN 2015 Individual Application Form. The application is individual. If you are planning to represent the country with a partner, please specify it in the application form.

You can also apply for a Chairing position here.

Remember that the deadline for applications is MARCH 13th!

2) You will receive an e-mail confirming or not your participation in 1-3 days. If not stated otherwise in that answer, we will take into consideration the preferences shown in your application for your assignment, pending on the payment of the fee (see next point).


3) Once your participation has been accepted, you must make the payment of the fee to the bank account shown below in 15 days maximum.

Send an email to us as soon as you have paid (the sooner you make the payment the fastest we can make your assignment, increasing the chances of assign you to one of your preferences). Once the payment is received, we will answer you again (up to 3 days) confirming it and giving your C’MUN assignment.

Not receiving the payment or/and any kind of information in the aforementioned period of 15 days will mean your application will be cancelled. You can always begin the application process again.

4) You will also have to send us a position paper of the country you will simulate at C'MUN 2015. You can find guidelines for the position paper as well as the C'MUN instructional guide and rules of procedure at USEFUL INFO section. The deadline for position papers is MARCH 23rd.

If you have doubts or questions about the application/payment process, please do not hesitate to ask us at info@cmunbcn.org

Payment instructions

The registration fee for C'MUN 2015 is 110 EUROS (each delegate). Special discount for UNA-Spain members: 60 euros (each delegate). If you want to know how to become a member click here. (this only applies for Spanish citizens or Spanish residents).

The fee includes:

• All the required material
• Training session on Tuesday 7th April morning at CosmoCaixa (Optional. Please confirm your attendance previously)
• Opening ceremony at the City Hall of Barcelona (Tuesday 7th April evening)
• Coffee-breaks and lunches for the days of the simulation (Wednesday 8th - Friday 10th April) at CosmoCaixa
• Social events: (Optional activities) 
• Farewell Dinner & party on Friday 10th April (Optional)

Please make the Bank transfer to the following bank account:


IBAN: ES3300810057360001675069
Barcelona, Via Laietana

  • Please specify the name of the delegate or delegation in the transfer.
  • Have in mind that the possible bank charge must be paid by you, it cannot be part of the transferred fee. Your application won’t be confirmed otherwise.
  • If you are a member of UNA-Spain, don't forget to state your membership number on the application form. With our acceptance e-mail, you will also be confirmed to make the payment of the special discounted fee.

    We won't refund any fee after March 1st.

    If you want to become a member of UNA-Spain (remember this only applies for Spanish citizens or Spanish residents), and therefore benefit from the special discounted fee, tell us in the application form (other comments). Follow the aforementioned instructions available on the website to become a member. 




7 - 10 April  2015 - 10th anniversary!


Enter here into the new C'MUN WEBSITE www.cmunbcn.org 


We are preparing a full dossier with complete information for each comittee. We'll post them here as soon as we get them


1. Status of subjects suspected of joining or returning from the Islamic State
One of the many issues arising with the global threat of terrorism is defection. There are a lot of international policies and conventions which have attempted to treat the issue of terrorism, both in deterring it and dealing with those involved. An issue which the international community has failed to act on is on those who attempt to return from being terrorists, this is your task. 
2. Nagorno-Karabach 
Nagorno-Karabach is a land situated in Armenian territory and surrounded by Azerbaijan which actually works as a de facto independent state. But to arrive at this situation there has been a large conflict which is not really finished, with ubiquity preventing previous Security council efficacy. The Security Council will need to discuss the current situation and the steps it has to take in order to achieve a peaceful end for this dispute. 


1.Women’s rights in Uzbekistan and the neighboring countries
There are a number of major issues with the situation for women in Uzbekistan. The UN previously pointed out that a large proportion of women are becoming pregnant despite their wish to access contraceptive materials but these are not available. Other major threats include the large trafficking activity and speculation by some that the government is imposing a policy of forced sterilisation. The UNHRC must act on these supposed gro

2. Free speech, hate speech and possible limitations in 2015
The line between an acceptable or non acceptable speech in terms of ethics is very thin as well as the decision of limiting the freedom of speech is full of pros and cons. The Human Rights Councils will have to expose where is the limit of the freedom of speech and which should be the position of states among this issue. Does freedom of speech supersede the possibility of offence? More importantly, what can be done to deal with the consequences


1. Energy poverty- how to end energy poverty/guarantee access to energy
The access to energy is not guaranteed nowadays neither in all the countries nor for all the people of the developed states. That’s why the General Assembly should discuss whether there is a need to legislate in order to oblige all the state members to guarantee these rights. Some countries have already published some rules regarding the responsibility of the state of providing energy to those who cannot afford it.  Which should be the role of states in energy poverty?

2. Nuclear energy-proliferation of thorium
Thorium is a radioactive element that is far more abundant than other elements such as uranium. It is also said that working with thorium is more safe and clean than with uranium because it is less radioactive, and of course, it is cheaper as far as it is more abundant. One of the major advantages is that thorium can’t be weaponised - do these advantages justify an extension of nuclear powered states.
Should we bet for this energy as the solution to our environmental problems and contamination?


1. Loss of Human Control and increase of Automation in Warfare
The advance of  technology has arrived in Warfare lately with the form of drones. This items can shot with just one click miles away and that has created a great controversy for those militaries who defend that the vision from a drone camera is far worse than the human eye and that this can contribute to make wrong decisions regarding human lives. Advances from companies such as the Israeli Aerospace Industries have made the use of drone technology not only viable but extremely militarily advantageous. The question is: how do we control this?
2. Role of Private Military Companies and Modern Warfare
Meanwhile the UN is focused in preventing the arms market as much as possible, actually Private Military Companies are one of the most successful markets of all time. Having come a long way from 17th century Swiss Mercenaries. The private military companies of today are comprised largely of ex nationally trained soldiers; these PMCs being for hire does, however, threaten national security when military forces are on offer to the highest bidder…


1. Reevaluating Schengen zone do to terror threats
Europe has always evolved to a non frontier politics neither with goods nor with people, but the last succeeds in Paris and the following escape of one of the terrorists through Spain has reopened the debate of the benefits of the Schengen zone. A number of nations are attempting to join the Schengen zone and from an economic perspective this is justifiable, but do these economic advantages outweigh the possible security threat?
2. Evaluating the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The pros and cons of opening the EU markets to a free trade agreement with the United States (and EU can consider other countries)
TTIP has divided european legislators between the realists and the economists. Beyond that it has divided the economists from other economists. This debate on the expansion of free trade throws into question the economic relevance of barriers and if an open market would be in aggregate preferable to a protected one.



7 - 10 April  2015 - 10th anniversary!



Enter here into the new C'MUN WEBSITE www.cmunbcn.org 



7 - 10 April  2015 - 10th anniversary!



Enter here into the new C'MUN WEBSITE www.cmunbcn.org 



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7 - 10 April  2015 - 10th anniversary!


Enter here into the new C'MUN WEBSITE www.cmunbcn.org